Useful Links For Exiles. I mean, Ex-pats: Turkey

Do you want to make friends and learn about stuff going on around town and ask questions? Join a forum. 

Hints for living- Craigslist Istanbul is just a meat market. Ladies, seriously, unless you’re desperate don’t go to the parties.

My Merhaba


Turkey Central

Turkish Living

Turkish Life Forum

Lost in Istanbul? Here’s the public transportation goods. If you need help getting a transit pass, leave a comment and I’ll instruct your ass.


Do you like news?  

Hurriyet Daily News

Today’s Zaman

Do you like uncensored (relatively, anyway) news? 


Al Jazeera

Do You Want to Learn Turkish? Okay. It’s Your Life.

Learning Practical Turkish

Turkish Class

Manisa Turkish

U of A Basic Turkish

Türkçe Merhaba

Learn Turkish Online

Vocabulary Tutor

E-learning Turkish

Do you like to eat? 

Istanbul Eats

Istanbul Trails Food and Drink Guide

Le Cuistot

D’you have Facebook?

Black List

Green List

Foreigners in Istanbul


Istanbul Instructor’s Network

Foreign Women of Istanbul

Compassionate Atheism

TLC nannies and tutors

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