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Izmir: The Worst Planned Trip In The World

I can be rather infuriating to travel with, because I have a deep distrust of planning things. (Something always goes awry anyway, and you WILL have to deal with stress and quick decisions, so why not dispense with the unnecessary … Continue reading

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Sorry for the radio silence, folks! It was moving week! Agent L has had a fairly peripatetic life in Istanbul, but heretofore moving was more or less easy. I simply packed my things back into the three suitcases I moved … Continue reading

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Yalova, sort of.

The school I work for hasn’t given its teachers a raise since the Ottomans were in power, I’m pretty sure, but they’ve recently started on a campaign of keeping the teachers sweet by offering “treats” to the high performing ones. … Continue reading

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Friday night in Taksim

In all fairness, we got a late start on dinner. I met Owe in Taksim Square at 8:30, and first we had to have drinks and catch up. I took him to my secret bar, which is tucked away off … Continue reading

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