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Agent L, having gotten back from Taksim Square only somewhat before 2 in the morning, and needing an hour and a half to wind down from an exhausting, uplifting, confusing, ultimately really awesome day, and then having had to get … Continue reading

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That Guy’s On… I Don’t Know What, Actually

C. laughs at me that everything in this blog relates to Baltimore, so I feel almost self conscious starting off this blog this way, but screw it. Maybe everything DOES relate to Baltimore, damnit! So in Baltimore, you see junkies … Continue reading

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Smoke Like a Turk

I had my first ever cigarette on a cold winter night when I was fifteen years old. Clare and the Quebecois exchange student whose name I cannot for the life of me remember snuck out of my house after mama … Continue reading

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On Learning Nothing From Having Been Part of the Roman Empire

So this happened in Turkey this week. Some dudes (presumably, I suppose one shouldn’t be sexist) stole a bridge overnight. Also this week, they’ve been tearing up and replacing the streets all around casa Agent L.  I’m constantly entertained by … Continue reading

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Yalova, sort of.

The school I work for hasn’t given its teachers a raise since the Ottomans were in power, I’m pretty sure, but they’ve recently started on a campaign of keeping the teachers sweet by offering “treats” to the high performing ones. … Continue reading

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Conquering France

Mert, a student, mentioned in class that he was arrested when he was younger. Now this is a very law-abiding society, and Mert is the first student I’ve had who’s ever been arrested, or at least has admitted to being … Continue reading

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