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Beginnings: New

We here at Agent L headquarters have had a shitty, shitty year, punctuated by moments of grace and loveliness which we hope we haven’t grown so calloused as to not appreciate. Even before the deportation, there was a nasty incident … Continue reading

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Three Views of Panama

I have not been here a month and I have already lodged three places, which will surprise nobody who has been keeping even glancing tabs on my rather chaotic and peripatetic adult life. The first was, of course, the strange, … Continue reading

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Navigating Panama

Two orders of business: after the incident below I met Owe at one of my favorite hideouts, la Rana Dorada, a brew pub with okay-decent house-brewed beer, a selection of appropriately greasy/salty pub grub, and wi-fi, after the wi-fi in … Continue reading

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Cooking in Panama

It has been years since I had the time to properly cook dinner nearly every night, and I tell you what, it’s lovely. Hooray for being homeless and unemployed! One of my favorite things about traveling to a new place … Continue reading

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First Impressions of Panama

After, what, five days in the company of Owe, I find it implausible, at best, that Irishmen were even the small fraction that they were in the small army that built the canal. If the English are half as adapted … Continue reading

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At the end of a few days, I can say that I’m not in love with Panama. However, I’ve had a lovely few first days here, on no small parts thanks to my host, who has been infinitely kind, solicitous, … Continue reading

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Sexy, erm, Sort of, Times in Panama

While Owe was sitting in the Wyndham for over two hours, trying to read and becoming increasingly concerned that I’d been abducted, (interesting- d’yall think my next adventure will be deportation again, or will I move to something more hardcore … Continue reading

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The Next Adventure: Lost in Panama!

At 10:30 last night I was just about as miserable as could be. And I’ve been in Turkish jail. At the airport I’d carefully copied out Owe’s address and phone number and drawn a map showing the route to the … Continue reading

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