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Shoe-String Budget Eating in Alaska

I met a rare breed today. Most folks I come into contact with are off a cruise ship and are only in Ketchikan for perhaps ten hours, four and of half of which will be spent exploring fjords and peeping … Continue reading

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3 Quails, 3 Meals

3 Quails, 3 Meals A domestic Agent L in the kitchen does stuff with Quail.

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American Food

Oh reader, blame James M for opening a Pandora’s Box of vitriol with an innocent comment. At the school where I used to work there was a bright young thing, the kind of bright young thing that in my increasing decrepitude … Continue reading

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Kelle Paça Çorbası!

There was a great place for kelle paça çorbasi right around the corner from my apartment in Kadiköy, and if I was having a particularly rough day, I’d go there and order a bowl and feel almost instantly better. It’s … Continue reading

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PSA Regarding Sandwiches

This week I was so very, very homesick for Turkey, and one thing I was particularly homesick for was a particular wrap sandwich I used to get all the time at Rulo. I never thought I’d miss Turkish food, (its … Continue reading

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Cooking in Panama

It has been years since I had the time to properly cook dinner nearly every night, and I tell you what, it’s lovely. Hooray for being homeless and unemployed! One of my favorite things about traveling to a new place … Continue reading

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First Impressions of Panama

After, what, five days in the company of Owe, I find it implausible, at best, that Irishmen were even the small fraction that they were in the small army that built the canal. If the English are half as adapted … Continue reading

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Sexy, erm, Sort of, Times in Panama

While Owe was sitting in the Wyndham for over two hours, trying to read and becoming increasingly concerned that I’d been abducted, (interesting- d’yall think my next adventure will be deportation again, or will I move to something more hardcore … Continue reading

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A Day With Agent L

Warning- this post is a roller coaster of emotions. I am sleeping on a pallet on the floor because my huge apartment is currently stuffed with guests, and I couldn’t be happier. ZF managed all on her ownsome to come … Continue reading

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Sundial Otel

Turkey’s For Life talked me into staying an extra day (it wasn’t hard) so I could attend a Fethiye Spor game with them, and as the game was in the evening that left us with a whole day on our … Continue reading

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