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Sexy, erm, Sort of, Times in Panama

While Owe was sitting in the Wyndham for over two hours, trying to read and becoming increasingly concerned that I’d been abducted, (interesting- d’yall think my next adventure will be deportation again, or will I move to something more hardcore … Continue reading

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Baltimore, I’m Sorry We Fought. I Love You.

Today when I was waiting in a line for MARC train tickets to and from DC, in a line which was interminable because there was a ginormous, random group of German tourists in it all nattering away gutterally as they … Continue reading

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A Day With Agent L

Warning- this post is a roller coaster of emotions. I am sleeping on a pallet on the floor because my huge apartment is currently stuffed with guests, and I couldn’t be happier. ZF managed all on her ownsome to come … Continue reading

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Sundial Otel

Turkey’s For Life talked me into staying an extra day (it wasn’t hard) so I could attend a Fethiye Spor game with them, and as the game was in the evening that left us with a whole day on our … Continue reading

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  Day three it was back to the beach, but this time to ölüdeniz, which wikipedia informs me means “dead sea” because its waters are calm, even in storm. This clears up one mystery where Turkish people kept telling me … Continue reading

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Downtown Fethiye

I had a very lovely lie in in the morning, on the Turkey’s very comfortable couch, with their balcony door open, listening to the sounds of the sea and occasional traffic. When I was finally roused they suggested we take … Continue reading

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Izmir to Fethiye

My last evening in Izmir, after my wonderful day in Izmir, was a bit disappointing. Sara is in town with a bunch of geologists, and the earlier plan, which allowed me to sit at a cafe for two hours soaking … Continue reading

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Izmir: The Worst Planned Trip In The World

I can be rather infuriating to travel with, because I have a deep distrust of planning things. (Something always goes awry anyway, and you WILL have to deal with stress and quick decisions, so why not dispense with the unnecessary … Continue reading

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Summer Evenings in Kadiköy

I am now working fewer than 56 hours in a week! I have some evenings free! Friends are returning from their summers abroad and it’s swell to belly up to a table outside a bar and chat the night away, … Continue reading

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How to do the Islands

Agent L will just go ahead and say that the Adalar are overrated, expensive tourist traps full of screaming kids on bicycles. Having lived on Kınalıada for two months, the charms of the gorgeous little houses, the views and the … Continue reading

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