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June 1, 2013, Gezi Park

Originally posted on agent L abroad:
To continue my story– when we were all vaselined, (sidebar- really, Agent J? Everyone told me vaseline helped) and had 50 cls of liquid courage in us, Lina and TJ and I headed down…

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Girding Our Loins for Battle

Originally posted on agent L abroad:
It was important for me to go to Taksim Square, but I will not lie, I was nervous. Cops make me nervous anyway. Turkish cops terrify the fuck out of me. The Turkish police,…

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Originally posted on agent L abroad:
Agent L, having gotten back from Taksim Square only somewhat before 2 in the morning, and needing an hour and a half to wind down from an exhausting, uplifting, confusing, ultimately really awesome day,…

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13 FEET of rain a year.

Forgive agent L inc’s lack of posts, lately. We have managed to wash our smart phone in the Permanent Press Cycle, on Hot/Cold mode, and are therefore unable to post photos and photos rather than words are going to be … Continue reading

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Shoe-String Budget Eating in Alaska

I met a rare breed today. Most folks I come into contact with are off a cruise ship and are only in Ketchikan for perhaps ten hours, four and of half of which will be spent exploring fjords and peeping … Continue reading

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The Problem With The Turkish Government In A Nutshell

Originally posted on Ottomans and Zionists:
Turkey is reeling over a tragic loss of human life following an explosion and fire at a coal mine in Soma, with the death toll up to 238 as of this writing and at…

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Settling in in Alaska

My mother and I are really very different, and, as I learned over a long hard winter of living together, different in ways that drive the other a little nuts sometimes. I have no problem leaving my pyjamas on the … Continue reading

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A Security Warning from the U.S. Embassy

Originally posted on Adventures in Ankara:
A Message from the Embassy of the United States of America Ankara, Turkey  April 30, 2014  Security Message for U.S. Citizens  May Day (Labor Day) Demonstrations on Thursday, May 1, 2014  The U.S. Embassy…

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