Arrival: Alaska

So technically this blog is for all things Living Abroad Related, but I’m officially out of the lower 48, so I figure that pretty much counts as abroad.

I still haven’t met Chris from Chris in the Morning, or sweet Ed, or Shelly, and Ruth does not appear to work in the local Safeway. (Northern Exposure jokes are flying fast and thick around here.) But I have met an awful lot of very nice folks in my few days. All the girls in my apartment building are working for the same company I’m working for in one way or another, and they are just the best. I’ve done a little exploring, but about thirty six hours ago I coughed- I COUGHED- and my back went out again. So instead of taking pictures and exploring the town I’ve mostly been lying on my back, reading or watching teevee, with dear sweet L’s heating pad cranked to high in the small of my back, looking wistfully at the trees that loom outside my windows.

I’ve had a few adventures already, like when a mink stole one of my work shoes. (Speculation runs high about whether the critter will return it at the end of the season.) I haven’t seen a bear yet, (lying on the floor all day limits my opportunities) but just about everyone else has. The bear population’s so dense there’s thought to be about one per square mile in these parts.

I have been awed by the silence. Even in the middle of the day it’s so unbelievably quiet in the back yard.

This lacks narrative structure, but I wanted to check in, and leave you all with a few pictures so you can see a little of what I got myself into.

From the airplane, flying in.

From the airplane, flying in.


My house is the little-er green one, sort of behind the pole.

This is where my street ends.

This is where my street ends.

The back yard on a drizzly day.

The back yard on a drizzly day.

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2 Responses to Arrival: Alaska

  1. Wow! What a place. What are you doing there? Good luck with the back x

  2. Alan says:

    . . you could do some on your background study about extinct species, it’s called Palinontology! Empathetic sympathy for the suffering.

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