How to Pack for Traveling vs. How to Pack for Moving.

I got a ton of great responses from my last post for how to pack for traveling, and there are tons of lovely websites offering tips on how to pack for travel- even extended travel.

1. Layers.

2. Coordinating separates that can be reused.

3. Pick a color scheme.

4. Buy stuff wherever you go. It might not be what you normally wear but it’ll be conducive to the climate and culture.

5. Buy a disposable wardrobe from goodwill, and discard pieces as you go, to make room for souvenirs and other things picked up along the way.

There are many more.

You can google for yourself “what to pack for traveling” and “what to wear while traveling and come up with lists and pinterest boards to guide you.

What if you’re just moving somewhere, though, even for just half a year, and you don’t want to buy shit cause you already have shit, and you just need to figure out how to streamline your worldly possessions so that you can, say, move from Alaska to Slovenia seamlessly?

Here are some things travelers don’t have to worry about:

1. An elegant professional wardrobe. Clothes for interviews, clothes for classrooms. Clothes that will get you promotions and valuable positions. You cannot do this in leggings, no matter how competent you are.

2. Date clothes. Even if you’re in a partnership, you should feel and look pretty every now and again, at least. (Though Agent L prefers to do so nearly every day.)  Sensible capris with many pockets are never going to make you feel pretty. Again, this is the difference between running around the world and sprinting to one location and sitting there for a long time. The mover is packing for longevity, the traveler for flight.

3. House clothes. You need a certain amount of your wardrobe available for when you come home from work and want to clean, or relax on the porch. You need clothes to run quick errands in, when otherwise you wouldn’t leave the house and would spend the day in pyjamas. You need clothes to clean the house in. Travelers don’t have to worry about bleach stains; movers do. You need clothes to cook in and get grease stains are. These, of course, must be discreet from your work clothes.

4. Casual bar wear. You need clothes between work clothes and homme clothes, that you can just run out to the bar in, with all you local and ex-pat friends.

5. You have to pack for a whole year. If you’re moving to the tropics, much of this doesn’t apply, as most kids who move to the tropics seem to be the backpacker types who are used to grubby teeshirts and picking up clothes and letting go of clothes as opportunity comes and goes.  I’m not writing a guide for you.

I’m writing a guide for anyone like me, who has amassed a wardrobe over the years that encompasses every event from running to the store for a forgotten ingredient to going to a wedding, and needs to figure out how to winnow it down to three suitcases, so that, when she needs to move across continents can do so without incurring ridiculous baggage fees, or buying whole new wardrobes when she arrives.

In short, the next post will be dedicated to the lady who wants to pack sensibly, not buy new stuff before or very soon after, and maintain her own sense of style rather than adopting one from the traveling blogs.




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