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HOW TO VOTE TO SHAKE THE AKP OUT OF POWER!!!! I really wish all the opposition parties in Turkey could get together to form one super party, called, I don’t know, the Erdoğan’s a Dick Party, but apparently that’s impossible. … Continue reading

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amtrak residency

Originally posted on the irresistible fleet of bicycles:
an idea for the off-season, for our farmer/writers. Amtrak is excited to announce the official launch of the #AmtrakResidency program. #AmtrakResidency was designed to allow creative professionals who are passionate about train travel and writing to work…

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Beginnings: New

We here at Agent L headquarters have had a shitty, shitty year, punctuated by moments of grace and loveliness which we hope we haven’t grown so calloused as to not appreciate. Even before the deportation, there was a nasty incident … Continue reading

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Berkin Elvan- HERE! II

We here at Agent sLp inc. are in somewhat of an existential crisis at the moment, as we desperately refresh Twitter and Facebook to see if people we know to be, I say this kindly, reckless and full of righteous … Continue reading

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Berkin Elvin- HERE!

A wee kiddo died today as a result of getting shot in the head with a tear gas canister. He spent his fifteenth birthday in a coma. When he died he weighed sixteen kilograms, apparently. He had a remarkable unibrow. … Continue reading

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Coq (hen) au Vin

Coq (hen) au Vin More adventures in the kitchen. 

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#agentlinthekitchen Here is how to spend an absurd amount of time making rabbit stew pie.

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