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Books 2013

Books 2013 My ten favorite books of 2013. Tell me yours!

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Books, 2013

I’ve finally updated my books page from last year, now that it’s almost March. I was trying to come up with a top five list but it was impossible. Ten was easier, but by a hair. Roughly in order of … Continue reading

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3 Quails, 3 Meals

3 Quails, 3 Meals A domestic Agent L in the kitchen does stuff with Quail.

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Shock over Ukraine

Shock over Ukraine One of the best articles I’ve read on the subject of the future of Ukraine.

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Pressure On Turkey Works And There Needs To Be More

Originally posted on Ottomans and Zionists:
I have a piece in Foreign Affairs today in which I argue that Turkey is backtracking on a couple of issues that have created friction with the U.S. in response to more open American…

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The Repatriation of Agent sLp pt. 2

One of the most surreal and wonderful and terrifying things about coming home has been how little things have changed, how easy it is to fall back into old roles. The girls in my life have almost all disappeared into … Continue reading

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The Re-Patriation of Agent sLp pt 1

Coming home to America was stressful, not least cause I was pretty shaken by the circumstances of how I had to leave, also cause I just plain didn’t wanna, and also cause there was quite a bit of reverse culture … Continue reading

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No Woman No Drive

Originally posted on American Bedu:
Bad luck for three women who have won the weekly raffle draw of two luxury cars, the prime attraction at the popular “Hayya Jeddah Shopping Festival.” They may have won the cars, but being women they…

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American Food

Oh reader, blame James M for opening a Pandora’s Box of vitriol with an innocent comment. At the school where I used to work there was a bright young thing, the kind of bright young thing that in my increasing decrepitude … Continue reading

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