Agent L’s take on WWIII

Tense times in Turkey, I tell ya what.

So 1. Turkey’s quickly losing traction, diplomatically, by being one of two countries I think but cannot confirm in the entire world to back the Muslim Brotherhood. (Ecuador being the other that I know of.) And of course, Europe’s still tsk tsking over Gezi Park, which leaves Erdoğan as the dude who’s still shouting that he’s right after everyone’s already vacated the room.

2. There are 4 confirmed American battleships in formation to bomb the shit out of Syria. Apparently to teach Assad a lesson. Have the consequences and all the possible escalation scenarios been played out and are there solutions? No info that I can find on Twitter.

3. Turkey seems to be, puzzlingly, pro-revolution. Iran and Iraq aren’t, and are promising retaliation against Israel (????!!!!!) if Syria is shelled.

4. The news is in hysterics. Agent L spent far too much time on twitter today for her own mental health, She knows that in Istanbul she’ll be safe, for a while, if WW3 does break out, but the specter of an Israeli/Iranian war was making her think about a thing or two.

5. Agent L happens to have a friend who has the remarkable facility of always being wrong. This friend knows nothing about the blog, btw, so friends- don’t get paranoid. But this friend is basically our own personal Delphi. She says right, you know it’s left. She likes your boyfriend, you know he’s cheating on you. She’s concerned- you know it’s okay. She’s unconcerned, you know you’re in deep shit. Seriously, 15 years, the oracle has never been wrong. She was unconcerned.

However, voice of reason prevails.

1. Naval contacts, (I still do have one or two) assure me that 4 is a very reasonable number of battleships to have at any given time in the Med. There are also, apparently, one or two nuclear submarines we know nothing about floating around in these waters. Have fun on your next islands trip, guys!

2. Even though Turkey is being run by a complete madman, it cannot act alone, and Obama has tied himself to Congress, which we all know dithers quite a lot, and England apparently follows our lead now so… if America doesn’t act, (probly won’t?) Turkey won’t act (one hopes) and since Turkey is actually within shelling range, (unlike America) Turkey probably won’t be shelled to shit, just keep experiencing the same random bullets/grenades that sneak across the border as it has been doing. Since that mainly affects the Kurdish population, who cares, right?

It will probably be okay, kids.

For my new followers, next post is definitely about vacation madness, sorry to be a downer.

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5 Responses to Agent L’s take on WWIII

  1. Alan says:

    . . always worth keeping in mind that, unlike the FUKUS/Zionist/Saudi Retards axis of evil, Syria and Iran are not deranged psychopaths. That said, if Iran unleashes it will most probably be against Saudi/UAE just across the gulf – if US reacts I wouldn’t want to be a US serviceman anywhere in the region. Check out Iran’s latest weaponry which includes (get this) underwater rockets and missiles that the US Aegis system cannot detect. Syria has the S300 missile system that cannot be jammed or stopped once launched – there are also unconfirmed reports of Russian-made medium range ballistic missile systems in the country.
    ‘End of Days’ if FUKUS attacks? Roll on the Rapture – up, up and away!

    • agentlabroad says:

      I always lived by the adage if you can’t be good at least have fun, so I doubt very much I’m on the list to get raptured. Which means- fire and brimstone and seas of blood, right? I forget. Oh well! At least I had fun!

      • Alan says:

        . . with China quietly standing up to the plate and Russia moving even more warships into the Med to back up the Iranian ‘red line’ of honouring its mutual defence treaty with Syria that FUKUS and especially the corporatist puppet Obomba will have to back down. Even the toady Ban Ki-moon has defied the US and kept the inspectors in Syria.

  2. Ilyse says:

    A new follower is grateful for your insight. Continue writing what moves you.

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