Sundial Otel

Turkey’s For Life talked me into staying an extra day (it wasn’t hard) so I could attend a Fethiye Spor game with them, and as the game was in the evening that left us with a whole day on our hands. There was some talk about a cultural outing, but then we all gave a collective “Nah” and headed off for the pool at the Sundial Otel.

Again, for directions and actually helpful information about this fine institution, please refer to Turkey’s For Life. I have no clue. We took a minibus… somewhere… and then got off and walked up a big road that appeared to be in the middle of nowhere, which had been recently partially tarmacked- in this heat? seriously?- and there was a moment when I was like “Why are we doing this?”

Then we rounded the corner.

IMG_0159Ooooooh. Right.

We sat and had a drink, and then went for a dip in the pool, which was lovely lovely. So were the views.



Do you know what else is nice, and a rare treat?

Being barefoot in the grass.

IMG_0163Don’t judge- that pedicure went through some hell at Çaliş and Ölüdeniz.

Next up was lunch. I got the sundial burger which had BACON on it. And a fried egg! And Hamilton Tavern? I have not forsaken you. Except I sort of did to move to Turkey but whatever. Your burger with bacon and an egg on top will always be the best in the world. But this was a damn fine one anyway.

Next another dip and then a nap, from which I was awoken by ice cubes dumped on my back by the proprieter, Murat, an instantly likable rogue, with whom I hope to have drinks when he comes to Istanbul.

We all had another round and then headed down the hill for football, which is a story and a half itself.





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4 Responses to Sundial Otel

  1. Am sure Murat will love that description of him. 🙂 Yeah, culture kind of fell off the menu, didn’t it? 🙂 Looking forward to this match report…

  2. Alan says:

    Hedonistas, one and all!

  3. Chris says:

    It’s been more than popular this year with the Fethiye emigrees. They provide a free pick up and return and at times they couldn’t accommodate everyone this month. Did it myself not a couple of weeks ago, and like you, uttered the same sentence when feeling the sensation of grass meeting feet! Also enjoyed the Sundial Burger – spooky! Unbelievable manzara both day and night – glad you enjoyed your trip up the mountain

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