Downtown Fethiye

I had a very lovely lie in in the morning, on the Turkey’s very comfortable couch, with their balcony door open, listening to the sounds of the sea and occasional traffic. When I was finally roused they suggested we take a walk into Fethiye so they could show me the town and I thought that sounded like a marvelous idea. So off we trotted. From their house it was a lovely (if hot) walk along the seaside, which was just crawling with cafes and bars (empty at that hour) with acres of outdoor seating. The seaside is also home to some marvels like an outdoor ice skating rink, that has no ice. ! !  !

IMG_0106 Turkey’s for Life stood there rather bemused as I insisted on taking photos of it and trying to figure out how the hell you ice skate with no ice. The floor looks suspiciously like linoleum. Are the skates real? IMG_0107They appear to be. The world is a vast and complicated place, full of mystery. There’s also a little motor boat obstacle course which I found charmingly weird. IMG_0108 Our next stop was to examine the progress on the old Roman theater, which is being restored to hold concerts. I’d totally go to a concert in a roman ruin. In a heartbeat. Couldn’t see much behind the green fence, but got a glimpse of the workings. IMG_0109 IMG_0110   From then- oh look at that! It’s midday! Time for a cocktail! We went to the Yacht Classic Hotel, which was made famous for hosting Daniel Craig when he was in Fethiye to film Skyfall, a movie my hosts were rather shocked I haven’t seen. I managed to take what turned out to be a rather blurry picture of the bar D.C. legendarily drank at, and then settled in to people watch. IMG_0113

the view from my barstool. Not bad, what?

the view from my barstool. Not bad, what?

Classic yacht is one of, if not the most exclusive fancy place in Fethiye. It was gorgeous. There was a lovely pool (no pictures cause it seems rather rude to take candid shots of ladies in bikinis when they’re unaware) that you can swim in for 25 lira. (A bit steep, I’d say, no matter how lovely) and a gorgeous view of the Aegean and perfectly kempt flowering shrubs everywhere. The service was good and the beer not expensive. Our next step was to wander through the town part. I picked up a cheesey postcard for Hannah and we peered in the shops, which seem to sell the usual assortment of Turkish glass lamps and Turkish Delight, along with the usual assortment of knock off teeshirts on terrifying mannequins. (The terrifying mannequins of Turkey is a Tumblr I hereby resolve to start.) But all of this ordinary is housed in gorgeous stone buildings, and twists itself through small lanes shaded by an arbor of green plants.IMG_0115IMG_0120

They then took me to one of their favorite haunts- Deep Blue Bar where we sank into ridiculously comfy seats. It’s a super charming place- I can see how it would be cozy in winter but in summer tables are sprawled out onto the street. I was amused to see that there is apparently a shot called the “jack off,” (is that a thing elsewhere? have I been living under a rock?)

IMG_0121and a poster of the legends of rock featuring Chris Isak

IMG_0123and I had my first hard cider in I can’t say how long. It was delicious!


I met the owner and the manager and they were both lovely people and very attentive. All in all a great afternoon, but we were feeling peckish so we moved on, through the fish market

IMG_0128the Mozaik Bahçe, a fabulous restaurant. The Turkeys had kebabs, and I had something called Arab meat, which was mince cooked with spices and it was hot and heavenly.


After that they showed me some of Fetiye’s nightlife, but from there the story gets a little hazy, the photographs a little more puzzling, (what was I trying to take a photo of?) and perhaps it’s better if we just leave the day after dinner. Afiyet Olsen!

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9 Responses to Downtown Fethiye

  1. Alan says:

    . . I have a professor chum called Ed who lives in California who is very embarrassing to be around as he keeps taking photos of weird mannequins. I’ll pass on his email if you like and you can do your unnatural acts together. Glad you are having a nice hazy time – only way to go!

  2. Christine says:

    That’s my town, I’m glad you enjoyed it

  3. Chad says:

    Google “A9 TV” to see some of the more frightening Turkish mannequins.

  4. Jacqui Harvey. says:

    The James Bond Film “Skyfall” was filmed at Calis Beach. So if anyone reading this wonders, they can come out to Calis which is 5 miles from Fethiye. Get the water taxi, lovely trip.

  5. The Smidge says:

    Glad I am not the only one slightly confused by the ice rink. In my 4 months here can’t say I’ve seen anyone on it either!

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