Izmir to Fethiye

My last evening in Izmir, after my wonderful day in Izmir, was a bit disappointing. Sara is in town with a bunch of geologists, and the earlier plan, which allowed me to sit at a cafe for two hours soaking up sun and relaxation, was that we were all going to the old town section for dinner. Whilst I was relaxing and looking forward to gawking at what remains of Smyrna while drinking and learning more about geology, an executive decision was made that since there were so many folks (15. In a town that sees conferences of people come and go more often than I pee) we would be better off having dinner at the Hilton.


Big sigh.

But hey- got a free meal out of it and it was a lovely view, and I did learn an awful lot of geography, and got to flirt with some boys so the evening was in no stretch a waste.

Wound up staying up so late it didn’t make sense to go to sleep, so I showered and changed and packed my bags and then got to the Otogar far too early and waited for my bus. At seven sharpish it arrived. I found my seat, promptly fell asleep.

I’d pre-arranged to stay with the Turkey’s for Life folks and, not being a fan of planning, I hadn’t really thought about what to expect, but if I’d asked myself I would have answered that I expected them to kinda be busy being awesome, and me to spend most time alone wandering through Fethiye looking for places to read and have a beer on my lonesome.

Now, don’t misunderstand this: the Turkeys for Life ARE awesome, but they’re also excellent at multitasking, and have proven to be the best babysitters ever.

I got off the bus, somewhat bleary, and there they were, “Shall we go home first, or head straight to the beach?”

Is there a more beautiful sentence in the English language?

We dropped off bags in their charming villa,  and then hopped on a dolmuş to Çaliş. We had a few beers first, (people after my own heart) and then hopped in the water for a swim. And my god- how gorgeous. Mountains all around, sea before you… oh just magnificent. I’ll have you know, dear readers, I took quite a few photos. I took photos of the beautiful beach (I was warned that it was mostly shale but there was quite a bit of sand) of the pelicans on the beach, of the restaurant and of the hills and the coves and the caves, but I neglected to put my memory card in the camera.

So it goes.

But Çaliş rocks.

Home for dinner, and then some more drinks and to bed.

Tomorrow’s post has pictures cause I did, eventually, remember to put the memory card in my camera.


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4 Responses to Izmir to Fethiye

  1. In which case, we look forward to the photos! 🙂 Thanks for the lovely compliments…and for saying we live in a villa (smallest house in Fethiye 😉 ) and we bet you just can’t wait for the football later! 🙂

  2. Alan says:

    memory cards, just like the real thing have a habit of wandering off now and again – J and I are lucky as there is usually one of us at ‘home’ at any given time to salvage the day! You already know that you are with the best hosts/guides/boozers in Fethiye and its environs so have a brilliant time – why change the habits of a lifetime?

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