Summer Evenings in Kadiköy

I am now working fewer than 56 hours in a week! I have some evenings free! Friends are returning from their summers abroad and it’s swell to belly up to a table outside a bar and chat the night away, (and as I’ve mentioned before I have some strong favorites for where to do just that) but sometimes after a long day, when I’m leaving work and it’s still light out, I want to be by myself, with a book and a glass of wine.

Humeyra might be the perfect place in Kadiköy for a single lady to do just that. As a single lady who likes to occasionally go out somewhere with her book, I can tell you it can get dicey, unwanted attention-wise, both from patrons and bored waiters who would just LOVE to practice their English with one of those easy yabancı girls. (There is a whole class of people I will never understand who take reading a book as a sign that you must be desperately bored and in need of conversation.)  Not so here, ladies! The staff at Humeyra are great, and they leave you alone! The drinks are reasonably priced! There’s a reasonable menu with wraps and pasta and stuff, as well, should you be peckish. But the best part, maybe even one of the best parts of summer in general, is the whole front is a big patio, (plasticked off in winter) and since it’s on a fairly busy pedestrian street… oh, the glorious people watching! So many games you can play by yourself: Count Atrocious Pants, Why Are They Together, Spot the Tourist… hours of entertainment.


If you chance by on a summer evening after work and see a secretey-agent looking lady peering at your pants, do say hello.


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6 Responses to Summer Evenings in Kadiköy

  1. Alan says:

    . . that is very unlady-like behavior and very disconcerting for us older blokes – unless we are loaded – with money, of course!!

  2. Will bear that one in mind for November…not that I’m ever without boyfriend. Are you allowed to ist in there as part of a couple? 😉

  3. Agent J says:

    I apologise for my confusion but at the start of this article you complain about people accosting you when you just want the opportunity to sit and devour a drink err i mean a book. You then go onto invite people especially those with atrocious pants to interrupt you. How is one to discern when to interrupt you and when not to, does one simply look at their own pants and decide or is there a secret sign such as raised eyebrows that you display?

    • agentlabroad says:

      I think it’s pretty clear that you’re only to interrupt me when I’m playing the Count Atrocious Pants game. Y’all back in town or what? When you headed to K-köy?

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