Twitter Tuesday July 16

Yes, I am publishing this on Wednesday. I’m teaching 56 hours of IELTS this week. Eff you.

Before Gezi Park thing started, I had gotten disgusted enough with the politics here to institute Twitter Tuesday, with my round up of links from my twitter feed that explain what’s going on here. There was one glorious issue, and then the world went to hell and I was too busy çapulling to keep it up, and now I’m too busy teaching True/False/Not Given questions to people too hungry to concentrate to go çapulling, so a return is in order.

Here’s the news from Turkey this week.

Folks are getting arrested right and left for protesting, but no one’s prosecuting the people who are attacking peaceful protesters with machetes. 

Since I spend approximately 40% or my waking life telling people to paraphrase things, I’ll just paraphrase myself. There are machete wielding maniacs attacking people with the tacit permission of the police, but some 16 year old kid is facing 7 years in jail for taking part in a protest.  My favorite part is how the prosecution has no evidence.

Bunches of Taksim Solidarity members were arrested. 

A nice breakdown on how headscarf ladies can’t catch a break, politically or socially, from either side.

The AKP is a terrible bully to anyone or entity representing opposition, but opposition got a break in parliament when most of those self-righteous, corrupt pricks left to break fast, leaving the political minorities to pass a bill without interference.

And finally, here is a really lovely, thoughtful blog from another yabangi who’s going through the same despair/elation cycle I am.

Happy week, folks.



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