Yup, the Protests Have Totally Died Down and Peace and Freedom Rule.

In elementary school we had a long, storied tradition of Wednesday being opposite day.

Boy you’d look silly if you ever forgot that.

So here as promised are the informative links.

Most Recent Police Atrocities by Claire Berlinski, who, as far as I can see has done the most superb reporting since May 31st, and who also has a very informative and darkly funny twitter feed. She often keeps me up late, hitting refresh. I do not know when she sleeps.

The Political Situation and why it’s kinda hopeless by the same lady. Ugggh.

Coverage on Parliament’s Recent Midnight Vote to destroy any kind of government accountability. Wheee! This is fun. Buh-bye, Gezi Park!

Why You Can’t Compare Egypt and Turkey right now, by the ever insightful M. Kaplow.

The Insanity That Is Basically Having LaToya Jackson on your cabinet. Okay the analogy is incomplete. LTA with a touch of Stalin without the total control with a bit of King George the III and some Rush Limbaugh stirred in for good measure.

And on a lighter note, do you at home wish you could hang out in a park, dodging arrests and getting gassed? There’s a Whole Slew of New Games to let you in on the fun!

I’ll talk to y’all again after Friday, supposing I don’t have a terminal repetitive question asking injury.

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3 Responses to Yup, the Protests Have Totally Died Down and Peace and Freedom Rule.

  1. Kelly S. says:

    I just can’t imagine what you and the people of Turkey are going through. Here in Germany, I write about silly things. You have REAL life happening around you. Glad you’ve stayed safe!

    • agentlabroad says:

      New normals are surprisingly easy to get used to. To think that 6 weeks ago my biggest problem was an unwanted cat! (To be fair, said cat was a huge problem.) There’s still quite a bit of nonsense to report, though. And I don’t think traipsing about Europe- how MANY countries have you been to in the past year? With four children?!- is silly at all. Quite an accomplishment. You should be proud. Looking forward to meeting you when things settle down and you make it here for your girls’ weekend.

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