While The World Continues Without Me…

Wonderful, magical bits of protest have been happening this week.

Like the university, (have lost my note with the name of it- if anyone can fill it in for me, that’d be swell) where the graduating class largely turned their backs on the pro-government Rektör during his speech. Bravo, gang.

rektör- students turn back on rektör during grad speech

Or the wonderful feast on Istiklal Cd that the protesters threw to break fast at the end of the first day of Ramazan.

ramazan july  10 2 ramazan july  10

In that first one I particularly like the TOMA hanging out at the end  of the table like some kind of violent credenza.

I heard a rumor that I just confirmed with a friend who saw it with his own eyes that the governor of Istanbul set up his own feast for people, with actual china and shit. It was ignored.

Gezi was meant to reopen on Sunday, but didn’t. On Monday folks were lined up, waiting. The police opened it for four whole hours and then, (was anyone surprised? Really?) the police chased everyone out and a night of violence and gas and burning barricades started all over again.

My source, we’ll call him Tennessee, was there last night at around 9, which is right when the park reopened again for a  night of celebration, following the breaking-the-fast dinner.

Where was Agent L, you might ask.

Agent L is working 52 hours in the classroom this week. She had 11 hours in the classroom yesterday, and will have 11 more tomorrow. Her weekend is chockablock. She teaches IELTS, so she spends most of this time at the board, actively teaching, repeating herself quite a bit.

When I came home from work last night I was nearly cross eyed. I think I caught myself drooling at one point.

I want so badly to make it to the other side and report with my own two eyes, but Friday seems like the only day this is possible for the next two weeks.


In the meantime I’m compiling, in my snatched half hours, a list of links to articles I find particularly interesting and insightful for any of you interested in the madness.

And I’ll leave you with a little taste of my life.

“Who has the answer to number 8?”


“Who has the answer to number 8?”


“Guys, number 8. Did anyone do it?”


“Okay, then, what paragraph would you find the answer to number 8 in? What paragraph? Number 8?”

“Teacher, what number are we on?”


“Okay, so we can see that there are adult tickets, and group tickets. What we’re going to be listening for for number three is the third kind of ticket. What other kinds of tickets are there?”


“Okay, good, but these are tickets for a museum. See how it says that in the title? So there won’t be cinema tickets at a museum. So what other kinds of tickets are there? If you go to a museum, you can buy an adult ticket, or if you’re in a group you can get a group price. What other kinds of tickets are there?”

“People tickets?”


“Adults aren’t people? No, think. ”


“No, not cinema. This is for a museum. Tickets have different prices. Why?”

“What question are we on?”


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