16 Signs You’ve Been In Turkey, Specifically In Kadiköy, Too Long

This super cute article was in Time Out this week, and we all know I do love co-opting people’s ideas and applying them to Kadiköy, so here is my version. (No one ever invites me over fro breakfast, btw. Is that a thing?)


1 You have a complete inability to understand why people live in any other neighborhood. Like seriously. That’s more confusing to you than what the Grand Hadron Collider does.

2. You cringe, physically, when you watch teevee shows and people fail to take off their shoes when entering other people’s homes.

3. You have strong opinions re: the Tek Büfe on Moda Cd vs. the Tek Büfe at the end of Little Bar Street.

4. You are FAAAAARRRR too familiar with the differences between Little Bar Street and Bar Street for optimum health.

5. A bus comes within six inches of hitting you and your heart rate doesn’t even go up.

6. You know where the best Migros is, duh.

7. Your tekel man extends egregious amounts of credit, not only to you but to anyone who says they’re your friend, and delivers.

8. If facebook didn’t exist, you would totally not make the connection between the date and the fact that it’s the Fourth of July.

9. You have a friend who lives in Bostanci you’ve been meaning to visit for a while but goddamn- it’s just so far!

10. They know you at Mango outlet.

11. Your Turklish is superb.

12. You are an ACE at dodging greenpeacers.

13. You have a favorite ada.

14. You have the ferry schedules memorized.

15. You have lost the ability to give coherent, meaningful directions to your house to anyone from outside Kadiköy. “So you know the Migros by the square? Not the one facing the water but the other one? Right, by English Time. So you wanna walk up that perpendicular street, take a right at the top, you know the Ciğ Köfte place on the corner past the camii? Actually, no. It’s easier than that. You know the Watsons off Bahariye? Yeah, that one. By the glasses shop. Oh by the way have you been to that shoe store across the street? A little expensive but MAN they’ve got nice stuff. Size 40, too!”

16. You love it, and you never want to leave.


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4 Responses to 16 Signs You’ve Been In Turkey, Specifically In Kadiköy, Too Long

  1. So, now I know you leave copious amounts of cash around AND I have directions to your place. Cool!

  2. SDP says:

    17. You recognize the cats in Viktor Levi’s.
    18. You no longer consider yourself spoiled for choice when it comes to good bars within walking distance.
    19. You have a preference between the two branches of Kemal Usta across the road from each other.
    20. You think of Ziverbey as a suburb and Göztepe as a neighbouring city.
    21. You know it’s Sunday in the summer when you hear protesters out your window.

    • agentlabroad says:

      You know it’s a day when you hear the protesters. Other than that, LOVE this. We shall have to meet at some point, lady. Hate this ano thing. Eff students and bosses.

  3. LaVagabonde says:

    When you can make a top 10+ list about a place, you know you’ve finally “arrived”. 😉

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