We Have Met The Enemy And He Is An Idiot.

Okay, so Western Media is turning a blind eye, and having been a lifelong consumer of Western media I get it. You care about Rwanda for a week and then you start focusing on how your boyfriend got you the wrong flowers for your birthday. (Seriously, Andy? Everyone knows carnations are crap.)

It’s too far away. I get it.

Agent L is not a terribly good person, but she’s fairly non-judgmental. Religious? Cool. She gets that. Non-religious? Cool. She gets that. Republican? Okey doke. You must have your reasons and have faith that your party has some things to offer that weren’t apparent in the Reagan and Bush administrations. LBGT? Why are you even bringing that up? Not a question of whether you’re a human being entitled to life liberty and the pursuit of happiness, more of a question of why anyone is poking their nose into your sex life. As a white, middle class straight lady with fully American credentials, no one’s gonna be knocking on my bedroom door asking what I’m doing. I believe everyone deserves the same respect so long as what’s going on, of course, is consensual and adult. And honestly, America? Take a page from England and lower the age to 16. Let’s all be realistic. Not all of us can be Agent L and hold out ’til 18 and the perfect man.

I also have a long, fond history of favoring assholes, and count among my friends former wife beaters, (well ya don’t do it now, right? ‘s’longasyr beating yourself up everyday for that, going to therapy, and kinda hating yourself we’re cool) former junkies, (ditto) former prostitutes (ditto.) I have, on one occasion, gently taken a gun away from a drug dealer who wanted to go murder his girlfriend. I don’t judge. God knows what got him to that point, I do not.


Agent L has serious judgey problems in two areas:

1. Lack of curiosity

2. Leggings are NOT pants!!!!!

She also might be a little judgey about what you read and how much make-up you have slathered to your face but she’ll be a lady and let the thoughts pass.


Who is still supporting the AKP.

When I lived in the ghetto in Baltimore I met more than a few elderly black neighbors who still supported the Republicans cause Lincoln freed the slaves.

Erdoğan did great things in this country for the religious folk, like letting headscarf girls get higher education. Respect on that front. I get why a certain segment of the population might still be behind him even though he’s foaming at the mouth and needs to be put down like Teacake at this point.

However, there are also the idiots.

I have a student in fuck my life Bakırköy who, day three of the protests said what a shame it was what the protesters were doing to the police.

Conversation tonight:

“Have you heard from facebook what the Chinese are doing with (desperate, classwide struggle for the correct word) fetuses?”


“Chinese people eat them! You haven’t read that on facebook?”

“Please stop reading facebook posts. It clearly isn’t good for you.”

“It’s fact!”

After class he stopped me and told me to be careful because many bad people were roaming the streets, agitating against the government, and they had bombs and stones.

As I’ve documented before, it’s the Erdoğan supporters I fear more and more.

Anyone with the sheer lack of curiosity to figure out what is going on in his own flipping country- God help you, son. I certainly won’t.

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2 Responses to We Have Met The Enemy And He Is An Idiot.

  1. Alan says:

    ‘. . it’s life, Jim – but not as we know it!’

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