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Ramazan: A Guide for Infidels

I have friends at home who still think I have to wear a headscarf when I leave the house, and who are mildly alarmed at any story involving beer. I think these are the same friends who don’t know exactly … Continue reading

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The Glamorous, Glamorous Life of an ESL Teacher When Most of Her Co-Workers Are On Holiday

This is the third week in a row I have spent over fifty hours in the classroom. This week and next it’ll be an even 56 each.  This week is better than last though, because every afternoon I have exactly an … Continue reading

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Unwanted Guests/Help?

So this just happened: Came home from having a very civilized post-work drink and a half with Z, with tons of lovely conversation that involved neither IELTS nor teaching, but which covered (my favorite) books, (he likes Orhan Pamuk- red … Continue reading

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Twitter Tuesday July 16

Yes, I am publishing this on Wednesday. I’m teaching 56 hours of IELTS this week. Eff you. Before Gezi Park thing started, I had gotten disgusted enough with the politics here to institute Twitter Tuesday, with my round up of … Continue reading

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Bra Shopping in Istanbul

D’you know Turkish bra manufacturers think every lady is a B cup? True story. Considering some of the majestic, prow-like bosoms I’ve seen on matrons ’round here you’d think someone would’ve cottoned onto the fact that that is not the … Continue reading

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Dating Abroad.

Okay I have to say this article made me laugh out loud, as us oldsters like to actually spell out, with its complete lack of information. Oh, moving to a new country is easier with your family? Meet the L … Continue reading

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Yup, the Protests Have Totally Died Down and Peace and Freedom Rule.

In elementary school we had a long, storied tradition of Wednesday being opposite day. Boy you’d look silly if you ever forgot that. So here as promised are the informative links. Most Recent Police Atrocities by Claire Berlinski, who, as … Continue reading

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While The World Continues Without Me…

Wonderful, magical bits of protest have been happening this week. Like the university, (have lost my note with the name of it- if anyone can fill it in for me, that’d be swell) where the graduating class largely turned their … Continue reading

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Gezi Homecoming

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Unveiling of the memorial to the fallen. Gezi Park, early morning of July 9. [Spanish translation here] Istanbul, July 9 Dear people, Gezi Park was officially re-opened for the public yesterday afternoon. Too bad the square…

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Reasons to Fight

Originally posted on PostVirtual:
Taksim, July 6. [Greek translation here. Spanish translation here] Istanbul, July 7 Dear people, It’s not hard to predict the weather once you get to Taksim Square. Yesterday evening it was obvious straight away that there…

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