Morning- June 17th

Well Agent L has had a hell of a night. She will write the details later. What I know is this- at some point last night when I was having a great time on the porch laughing it up with Hannah and TJ, the cops kicked the journalists out of Taksim, and proceeded to teargas the shit out of Gezi- which as we’ve noted before, contained many children, some under the age of five. There were up to a thousand wounded, I believe. (Hard at this point to differentiate facts from rumors. I’m reporting first and second hand accounts from friends who were on the ground and saw more than I did.) The wounded took shelter in hotels, who welcomed them, and the police gassed the hotels. You know gas can be fatal in enclosed places, right? I also have it on second hand authority, (Hannah’s friend, again, reporting from taksim) that people were appearing with second and third degree burns- apparently the police were using an acid solution in the water cannons.

Transit was quickly and efficiently shut down- nothing getting in or out of the Euro side. Once we got to Beşiktaş, however, it wasn’t hard to get a dolmuş to take us up some windy side streets to get as close to Taksim as possible. Taksim was completely sealed off.

What we fools did next I’ll write later- I now have to go teach class on two hours of sleep.

P1020145 P1020196

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