We can’t sleep, so we might as well blog about ignorance.

Agent L is not a judger.

Agent L loves assholes and liars. Sincerely. They are more interesting, and we hate being bored above all else. 

As far as we, here, at Agent L Inc are concerned, lack of curiosity is the only sin we can’t forgive. 

We get a lot of it, going to (fuck my life) Bakırköy twice a week. 

One of the big memes from this week is the who çapulcu thing: Earlier in the whole protest debacle the PM called all the protesters çapucular, which,depending on who you ask, can mean marauder, looter, or bum. 

As we have said many times before, this protest is a people’s protest. Doctors, lawyers, socialists, anarchists, apolitical types. Much has been written about how this isn’t a Turkish spring. I maintain that it isn’t, but it isn’t an Occupy movement either, because the message is larger and more focused. This is Secular Spring, people. 

Anyhoosit, overnight there were tee-shirts printed with “I’m a çapulcu” on them. (In Turkish.) There were viral videos around the pun, “Everyday I’m Çapulging.” Clever, right? 

Today I had to explain to my class in (fuck my life) Bakırköy what a pun is. I explained that it’s a joke based on words, and offered the “Everyday I’m Çapulging” as an example. 

One of my students said, perfectly sincerely, that he had earlier that day tried to look up çapulging in an American dictionary but couldn’t find it, (never mind that  one of the letters CLEARLY isn’t even English) could I explain it to him? 

I sat back and allowed the class to sort him out. 

Last night when I was on the metrobus ride from hell back from (fuck my life) Bakirköy, I ran into a fella who was clearly American. We were in Zincirlukuyu, so I naturally asked him if he was coming from Taksim. 

“Oh hell no. I don’t know if you’ve heard, but there’s civil unrestin Taksim. I have no place in that. Hey, how long you been here, anyway?”

“Three years.” 

“I been here five.” 



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