Not Dead Yet, Guest Photos from Agent TJ

TJ went to Taksim this morning while I had to go to work, on about two hours sleep, still unsure of what happened last night after my twitter/fb correspondents, all of them, stopped posting all at once at around 3 am. There has seldom been a spookier feeling.

I gave her my baggy of supplies and left. I was still in a rage over an e-mail I woke up to from a really ugly American, who rambled something about how dumb I was to stay in a region that had been ravaged by Navy Seals or something.  I’ll process that and find something funny about it later.

Two of my students had split lips, one a balck eye. I wanted to start screaming and tell everyone to get out, IELTS can wait. I didn’t. We did four hours of listening and I didn’t scream once.

From my split lip student who’d had 0 hours of sleep: “I just lay on the ground. They were so impolite! Everywhere it was kicking and hitting.  I’ve never been so scared. At two it stopped. There was so much gas.”

Okay, clearly we need to work on conjunctions before the exam.

Anyway, TJ went to Taksim and I quietly fretted and stayed glued to Twitter. I don’t think it’s a very good idea for us to go there alone. Ten minutes before class she posted a bunch of photos on facebook entitled “Not Dead Yet.”

I posted back and said I was stealing them and making her be a guest blogger. She could either 1. Take me to court for copyright infringement 2. Tell me nicely to stop stealing her stuff and ask me to take them down or 3. Run with it. I would abide by her decision.

She came home before she read my message, but after I’d uploaded her photos to WordPress.

What she told me, that the photos don’t reflect, is that Taksim was swarming with people, none of whom wanted their photo taken. She talked to someone about it- apparently there’s a high level of paranoia now. With the cops arresting people for tweeting, no one wants their face documented. There’s a general agreement that the next wave of arrests will be based on photographic evidence.


Beşiktaş and Dolmahbaçe are swarming with cops.

In Beşiktaş, they have civilian buses parked everywhere, full of men in plain clothes lounging around. All the buses were full of gas masks and riot gear.

“It looked like they were just taking up space that people could group together, but as a military girlfriend, it also looked to me like they were blocking the exits.”

“Didja see Mecediyeköy?”



“Karaköy’s how I came up. That area seems okay.”

“We just have to hope they don’t block off Mecediyeköy. Do we have gas for dinner tonight?”

“I honestly think we should wait until tomorrow. It was very… foreboding there.”

I gave Agent TJ the keys to the kingdom, the password and free reign to make her own commentary, and I went to take a nap.

Two things Tj failed to do while I was (fitfully) asleep: fold and put away all of my laundry, and write this blog.

TJ- personal life terrorist.

Here are her pictures from this morning/early afternoon:

notdeadyet 1 notdeadyet 2 notdeadyet 3 notdeadyet 4 notdeadyet 5 notdeadyet 6 notdeadyet 7 notdeadyet 8 notdeadyet 9 Taksim, Gezi Parknotdeadyet 6 notdeadyet 12 notdeadyet 14 notdeadyet 15notdeadyet 13

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2 Responses to Not Dead Yet, Guest Photos from Agent TJ

  1. Katrinka says:

    Ugh, the idea of them arresting people based on photographic evidence truly scares me.Super super dislike.

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