Early morning, June 12

So I got homefrom (fuck my life) Bakırköy, and spent a few hours on the porch with TJ speculating about possible brain tumors possibly present in one Tayyip Erdoğan. Today has been a very sad day. As many as 70 lawyers representing various protest groups were dragged from court and detained. Protesters were told they could peacefully demonstrate, (this from horse’s mouth,friends in Taksim today) and were then gassed, horribly,and in such numbers one can expect casualties from trampling. 

Agent L is sick at heart. 

And sleepless. 

And checking in to let you know that once she finally got online after a few hours off and saw how things had escalated, she leapt out of bed, put on some ridiculous skirt that did not even match her pyjama top, stuffed her lemons and vinegar and milk in a bag, and ran. 

If anyone could lose a crowd of 20,000, moving on Taksim, it’s Agent L. And, her mama will be very relieved to hear, she did. But she’s sick and frantic at what’s happening right now. 

Generally we like to write when there’s clear narrative about what’s happening, when we can write coherently. 

We cannot, now. We guarantee we are going to be up,nervously chain smoking and glued to twitter,until dawn, at which point we will show up for work and try not to murder the students who actually show up. In the meantime we will be fighting the good fight against the godawful Turkish mosquitoes, which is a story for another, more peaceful time. 

Now, though, I write to implore: some of my readers, and many members of my family, have influence. 

Whoever you can think of to write to, WRITE NOW. NOW. 


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