June 3, Kadiköy

On Monday I decided to rest and write. On Mondays and Tuesdays I come back from Bakırköy (fuck my life) at a little after 11. I was already dispirited when I got on the metrobus, and the metrobus tends to suck the life out of you anyway, and never more so, it turns out, then when you’re expecting it to be full of protesters heading for Kadiköy as it was the night before, but it is startlingly empty. Have any of you Istanbulers ever seen the zincirlikuyu platform empty save for four people? I did. Last night.

I got off and trucked for home, and then I heard the whistles and shouts. As I rounded the bend to head up bridal horror-shop street, I collided with the very beginning of a march. People of all kinds- again, popular media, quit getting this wrong! This isn’t a solely commie socialist agitation! It’s everyone!- were marching and singing and chanting for Tayyip to resign. I joined right up and felt a little better.

We swept into the middle of a busy road and totally interrupted traffic. Know what the drivers did? They cheered. They honked and honked and cheered and joined the parade. Fast food employees and shop keepers, (with all the cops in Rhitim and in the hotspots around Gezi, the rest of the city is pretty much cop-less and the tekels have mostly reopened) spilled out onto the streets and cheered the parade. Everyone walking the opposite direction took a minute to shake their fists and chant Tayyip get out.

Erdogan has publicly said the protest is made up of fringe reactionary elements. Yup.

The parade pooled into the area around the bull, still being cheered, and broke out into the national anthem.

Yup, clearly just a bunch of anarchists.

It was really moving. I hummed along, the parade moved  down to Rhitim, and I veered of to Bahariye and home, feeling infinitely, infinitely better.

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2 Responses to June 3, Kadiköy

  1. Kelly S. says:

    So crazy what is going on right now over there… Hope everyone you care about is safe.

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