Road Safety

Agent L, reeking of vinegar, lemons and teargas, has just collapsed into bed after a long evening in Kabataş.

Gezi Park is peaceful and happy. Taksim triumphant. Several hotels are operating as supply houses for the kids in the park. Community support is wonderful to see.

Just down the road by the Beşiktaş stadium, though, there are destroyed buses and blockades. Last night when we were there we spent a pleasant half hour talking and sharing cigs with some nice fellas who’d just built a barricade and lit a tire on fire inside it. A lot of things seemed to be on fire last night.

Tonight’s project was moving the blockades down the road to Kabataş.

We have written before about ridiculous road building techniques here, and tonight we got to see the logical consequence of pissing the hell out of huge community of mostly young, fearless, strong people and also not bothering to pin down your roads. Within ten minutes of the barricade framework of pilfered police fencing, concrete planters, and random detritus was in place, the sidewalks on either side of the barricade had been mostly stripped of bricks, which were thrown in the barricade to make it stronger.

Throwing bricks is fun.

Teargas is not.

I’ll flesh this out more tomorrow.

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2 Responses to Road Safety

  1. Kelly S. says:

    I had a friend go to Istanbul for surgery last year and she made a lot of friends while she was there and they contacted her and said it was just crazy! Hope everything is okay over there for you.

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