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The Protests after 1 Month

If I’ve been quiet lately it’s largely due to the fact that I’ve reduced my involvement somewhat, on the grounds that folks are being arrested in greater and greater numbers. In fact, this week the police force was issued new … Continue reading

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Food Fridays: Recipe for Disaster Sort of Chicken Korma

The news here is less dramatic but in many ways more frightening. Police are stepping up arrests and detentions. The PM gets crazier every day. I like how the sounds of hundreds of people marching and chanting are as dependable … Continue reading

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My Tekel Man Is Incredibly Concerned.

Agent L has one legitimate protest injury- a deep bruise on one calf from a poorly timed thrown brick that’s been hanging out for the better part of a week and a half. Do you ever go a a spurt … Continue reading

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Normally, I Like It When People Ask Questions

I am extraordinarily tired and worn out from three weeks of constant worry, so bear with me while I walk you through my thought process. I have a student who sits RIGHT next to my desk, who’s kind of the … Continue reading

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Rockin Balık

In this brief reprieve from violence, I say fuck it. Let’s have a normal conversation about restaurants and shopping like normal people. I’ve long been of the opinion that the fish restaurants around the market in Kadiköy are all more … Continue reading

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Everywhere is Taksim

We swing from despair to elation pretty quickly around here.   Two nights ago, things were pretty bad. There were tons more arrests, and after a stunningly, not just unfactual but anti-factual two hour speech which you should read about … Continue reading

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Dunno WHO this kid is, but she seems okay.

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June 15th-16th: Madness Reigns

The day before was so peaceful in Gezi, yours truly decided to take the night off and chill on the porch with her perrenial favorites, TJ, Hannah and beer. We had a lovely time, talking about all kinds of mundane … Continue reading

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Morning- June 17th

Well Agent L has had a hell of a night. She will write the details later. What I know is this- at some point last night when I was having a great time on the porch laughing it up with … Continue reading

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Gezi Park, June 14, Morning and Night

Agent L confesses to pussing out on Thursday. She wanted to go to the park very badly on Thursday night, but was rather frightened of increasing reports of Americans being arrested and detained, and possibly deported. All of her normal … Continue reading

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