Twitter Tuesday

A frog in a pot of water.

So my bud Jeff’s awesome blog post inspired me today to tackle some political issues. I’m not an analyst, I’m not going to have anything intelligent to say about half of this stuff, but quality of life and freedom of speech have taken a troubling turn for the worse, and we expats are whispering to each other that soon, perhaps sooner than we think, this will not be a nice place to live at all.

Even as records of human rights violations and censorship- even persecution- of the press mount, Turkey continues to court the EU. It’s ridiculous.

So, introducing Twitter Tuesday, wherein I present you links from my Twitter feed that point to troubling signs of a troubled future. Since I just decided to do this ten minutes ago, today’s links will only be from the last 24 hours.

I am not providing commentary or telling you what to think beyond THIS IS RIDICULOUS AND SOMEONE NEEDS TO PUT THE BRAKES ON THE RUNAWAY TRAIN TO CRAZY TOWN THAT IS THIS ADMINISTRATION. Which has been my response to every single one of these news stories. nb- Turkish newspapers like hurriyet and todays zaman are notoriously censored, so the juıciest bits always come from sources from abroad. 

1. Couple publicly chastised for kissing in a subway, kissing protest is staged, protesters violently attacked by mob of young men, someone stabbed. 

2. Lady arrested for defaming prophet and President Gül after mentioning that marrying girls off when they’re really young is generally a bad thing. 

3.Turkey ranks last in quality of life survey.

4. They’re trying to knock down a lovely public park, one of the only green spaces in Taksim, in order to build yet another shopping mall. Protesters have not yet been violently disbursed with tear gas, but wait for it.

5.  PM vehemently denies that he has any plans to eventually ban alcohol, just calls it the root of all evil.

6. Artists getting panties in a twist about free speech just because they keep getting imprisoned for insulting the prophet. Sheesh. 

7. And finally, juveniles routinely tortured, denied basic legal rights in jail in Izmir. 

So, happy Tuesday, all!

UPDATE! Hours after a wrote this, news started trickling in that protesters in Gezi were, in fact, violently disbursed with tear gas.


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8 Responses to Twitter Tuesday

  1. Kelly S. says:

    WTF? That is some crazy stuff.

  2. Chad says:

    I was just about to comment how disturbing this is. Then this popped up next on my twitter feed:

    Still, I keep hearing how Turkey is slowly turning into Iran. Shame for a country with so much potential.

    • agentlabroad says:

      Yeah- I know we have no leg to stand on when it comes to prison stuff, but the shit seems more widely spread here. Hope y’all are still coming!

      • Chad says:

        Yup…we leave July 3rd. We are skipping over Istanbul at first and going straight to Izmir and Bodrum. We should be back in Istanbul towards the end. Again, think of what you want us to bring (no taco trucks….sorry…but maybe cilantro?).

      • agentlabroad says:

        Yay! Will be in touch!

  3. Katrinka says:

    This is depressing.

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