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Comedy in Kadikoy- June 6-13

So any of my readers who are in the Istanbul Kadiköy area: The amateur theater group Square Pegs Asian Style is performing their second ever show, Crossing the Line at Bahane Cafe on Bar Street. They have skits, improv, story telling, … Continue reading

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School Lunch

So as a yabanci there are a few questions I am continually asked by my Turkish acquaintances and one of them that at least for me has become an exercise in forced smiling, is “Do you love Turkish food?” “Of … Continue reading

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Twitter Tuesday

A frog in a pot of water. So my bud Jeff’s awesome blog post inspired me today to tackle some political issues. I’m not an analyst, I’m not going to have anything intelligent to say about half of this stuff, … Continue reading

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The Cat Problem.

Agent L fully realizes she is opening herself up to hatemail when she makes the following admission. After all, when she posted on a facebook site that she was looking for a home for the wonderful cat that happened to … Continue reading

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Kittyhawk 2.0

This is breaking news and I’m sticking around after my class, drinking a truly disgusting cup of cold nescafe to tell you about it. Every year there’s a Redbull Festival in Bostanci, and local businesses participate in a model airplane … Continue reading

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Sorry for the radio silence, folks! It was moving week! Agent L has had a fairly peripatetic life in Istanbul, but heretofore moving was more or less easy. I simply packed my things back into the three suitcases I moved … Continue reading

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That Guy’s On… I Don’t Know What, Actually

C. laughs at me that everything in this blog relates to Baltimore, so I feel almost self conscious starting off this blog this way, but screw it. Maybe everything DOES relate to Baltimore, damnit! So in Baltimore, you see junkies … Continue reading

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The Kindness of Strangers

Agent L has never been able to keep track of things like keys and wallets and the pearls her beloved granddad gave her before he got sick and later died, and so she’s learned not to become too attached to … Continue reading

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Agent L has spent the past week hair-pullingly stressed over the great migration to the new apartment, and is exhausted. She has, however, been storing up all kinds of things to tell you when she can finally breathe and sit … Continue reading

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Punished for being Punished

Punished for being Punished So this is my friend Jeff’s blog, which I normally find thoughtful and thought-provoking, but which today made me want to punch walls. Way to go, Turkey.

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