Istanbul Potty Dance

So for some reason- perhaps in an attempt to save money on bills? save the environment? nah, definitely not the latter in this city- the lights in public bathrooms are set on motion detecting timers. But the timers are set for something ridiculous like three and a half seconds, which isn’t so bad for the fellas, I suppose, cause they do their business standing up for the most part, and are probably moving around enough to keep the lights on, but for the ladies it goes like this- pull down your undies, sit, begin peeing, click, PITCH DARK. To keep this from happening you either have to wave your arms around frantically in the air or wiggle while you wee.

And the thing is, the lights turning on and off like that? Up to four times in a normal bathroom usage situation? It doesn’t save energy at all.

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1 Response to Istanbul Potty Dance

  1. Kelly S. says:

    Ha ha! I have found this in various spots all over Europe too. And it is always in a bathroom where you really don’t want to be sitting in the dark.

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