Girl Love

So I’ve posted before about the importance of friendship for an ex-pat. 

I want to take a minute and reflect on how lucky I am. I just had a couple beers on some rocks by the Bosporus as the sun set over Sultanahmet, and we all just went, “Yup. That’s why we’re here.”

Last night I got together with Hannah at Quiet Bar, a little place called Naturel (sic) Sam on Antik Street in Kadiköy, if anyone’s interested. The beers aren’t outrageous, the music doesn’t suck, and it might well have the best bartendress in the whole world. Seriously. And no one’s ever there. Perfect place when you want a chat instead of a party. 


“Sorry I called you last night.” 

“Are you kidding? That’s what I’m there for.” 

“Yeah, but you were in bed. Sorry. 

“At least you weren’t mad at me for not being out.” Pause as we both reflect on who would be. “And seriously, I keep my phone on for emergencies. And If I check the caller ID in the middle of the night and it’s not important, I roll over and fall back asleep. You are one of the few people that if you call, whatever the time, I’ll pick up.” 

“Awwww. But I was just bored. I feel bad for disturbing you.” 

“Well, it was a dumb time to be asleep. You’re fine.” 

“I love that you’re old enough to call it caller ID.” 

“Child of the ’70’s. But yeah, know that if you’re ever in a ditch somewhere, I’ll come get you.”

“Oh lord, the sad thing is, you’re going to get that call one day.” 

“‘Okay, Agent L, what’s around the ditch? What can you see from the ditch?’ Can you just make sure that when you make that phone call you have GPS on your phone?”

“I’ll 4-square it. This is Agent L, checking into The Ditch.”

“‘Course, it’d be a lot easier if I had my dad’s truck. That has a winch on it.”

“Haul me up.” 

“Yup. But I’m fairly confident I can make a winch.” 

“If anyone can make a winch it’s you. “

“Anyway, we’ll figure it out. I’ll get a Migros cart and some rope…” 

“You’re laughing but you know this is actually gonna happen someday.”

“Yup. And I’ll take the phone call. No matter what time of night.”

“I love you.” 

“Okay, speaking of which, I have a request, but I’ll make it later.” 

“Oooooh. What?” Sideways glance at our dinner/drinking companions. 


“But now I’m on tenterhooks. Do you want me to be on tenterhooks?” 

“Wait, Mija. Wait.” 

“Can’t! Okay, whatever it is, yes.” 

“Wow. You must love me a lot.” 

“Duh. And whatever it is, I’m sure it’ll be an adventure.” 

“Well, it shouldn’t be too much of a pain in the ass, anyway.” 

“Oooooh. Is this about the apartment?” 


“Say no more. The answer is yes, it has always been yes, and I’m unsure why you need to make a formal request because I already said yes.”

“Thank you.” 

“I’m glad we’re friends.” 

“Me too.”


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