One cool thing about the Turkish legal system is that it doesn’t rely on precedent, which makes it SUPER easy to just up and change laws whenever you feel like it. Which they do. Frequently.

Municipality-wise, it’s even easier, it seems.

Thing’s’ve been a bit ominous in Turkey recently. First they came for the lovely, charming cafe tables in Beyoğlu and I said nothing, because I don’t go to Beyoğlu very often. (They said it was a fire hazard, but it was generally grumbled that it was actually about the gov’t cracking down on alcohol.) Then they raised the sin tax on beer twice in two years, and still I said nothing because I have a complete inability to think of anything under 5 lira as expensive. (Which gives you an insight into my money-management skills.) Then they came to Kadıköy and… okay. This reference is falling apart.

But those anti-alcohol bastards totally came for K-köy. We were at Cheap Bar when we heard from Bad Boy that they’re passing a law that all bars must now close at 1. Everyone was atwitter, but I learned years ago that nothing that happens in a bar after 2:00 am is fun enough to be worth the price you’ll pay for it the next day. (Okay, well, very little, anyway.) And maybe it’s just cause I’m still feeling cozy from the winter, but it seems to me that the best late nights are spent around a kitchen table or on a balcony with a few buds and a couple of bottles of wine and the music on real low so you don’t disturb the neighbors.

But then they came for the Tekels. Now all Tekels in Kadiköy must stop serving alcohol after 10, which means most of the tekels just go ahead and close up shop. Walking home the other night, instead of being cozily lit up with tekels spilling their wares out onto the pavement, the residential streets around my house were dark and shuttered.

Odd, really, that THIS is the law they’re choosing to enforce.

When I came home and plugged into facebook Hannah had just posted, “Why?! WHYYYYY, Tekels?!?! I don’t even want beer, I just want milk for my damn coffee tomorrow!”

Sigh, Kadiköy. Sigh.

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