On Learning Nothing From Having Been Part of the Roman Empire

So this happened in Turkey this week. Some dudes (presumably, I suppose one shouldn’t be sexist) stole a bridge overnight.

Also this week, they’ve been tearing up and replacing the streets all around casa Agent L.  I’m constantly entertained by how little regard there is for safety measures. This isn’t a litigious society, and I really can’t imagine it occurring to the average Turk to sue upon being, say, being run over by a bulldozer. So there’s no yellow tape around a major construction site, no hard hats. They don’t shut the street off to local foot traffic while they’re jackhammering and whatnot. It also means one has to be careful because hey! If you aren’t paying attention, you could actually probably be run over by a bulldozer. Word to the wise.

It also means our street’s been a bloody mess. The streets in our little neighborhood are paved with interlocking concrete bricks. (Cement maybe? What’s even the difference? Pause for googling) (thank you, cement.org. I am a little wiser now.) So step one was to scoop up all the old bricks, which was done in one afternoon. Step two was to wait for a week, so the maximum amount of dirt could be tracked into densely inhabited apartment buildings. Step three was to lay the sidewalks down in two days (eliminating a nightly source of confusion, where after I’d rummaged for and found my keys I’d have a moment of “Oh shit! This is the wrong door! My apartment building doorknob is much lower than this!”) Step four was to lay down some gravel and dump a bunch of sand on top of it and leave for the night. Step five was to level the sand and place the bricks on top.

“We could steal this street tonight,” I mused to Big B. “There’s nothing holding it together. If we wanted to, we could literally just, like, steal it.”

“I know! It’s mad! They just put the bricks on top of sand!”

“And wonder why it needs to be redone every few months, no doubt.”

“Like that bridge story you posted the other day. That’s why those muppets were able to steal a fuckin bridge in one night. There probably wasn’t anything fastening it together!”

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