wordpress issues…

So I two days ago when I tried to log in to write a charming post about… actually, I forget…. I got a notice that my account had been discontinued due to violation of terms of service. I went through the appropriate channels and put in my complaint, but figured it was a lost cause. Somehow I got flagged, blog blocked, the end. Maybe start over with blogger. maybe set up a new fake identity. I was in the middle of a hellish block of my work week where I was working ten teaching hours a day, and couldn’t muster up much fuss.

But today, when I was reading another wordpress blog I noticed my little icon in the corner, and that I had a new update.

After fifteen minutes of dicking around, (and you guys, I should really be in the shower. I have to be at work in like, oh my god. not even funny) it seems that I can access everything on my blog except visitor stats, (it’s okay, there are four of you and I know where you live) but only if I access my blog through another wordpress blog.

So this is a test. Is anyone out there? Can you read this? Can you convinve the wonderful wizard of wordpress that my content is objectionable only insofaras I make a bunch of typos?

Seriously. Shower time. IELTS doesn’t teach itself.

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6 Responses to wordpress issues…

  1. ellen goodman says:

    I can read your blog and love reading about places we visited in October.

  2. Jerry says:

    Test passed. I’m here and I can read this.

    • agentlabroad says:

      Thanks, Jerry. Turns out there was some kind of technical glitch that got a bunch of blogs flagged for inappropriateness. Everything except the stats and the reader seem to be up and running again, but I’m archiving just in case.

  3. Kelly S. says:

    Reading you. But through your link in comments on my blog. Does that help? Funny stuff!

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