Conquering France

Mert, a student, mentioned in class that he was arrested when he was younger. Now this is a very law-abiding society, and Mert is the first student I’ve had who’s ever been arrested, or at least has admitted to being arrested, so I was intrigued, and asked him what on earth for.

When he was younger he and his friend got very drunk one night and decided to conquer France. They hopped the fence at the French embassy, and celebrated their success with more alcohol. A man outside the gate asked them what they were doing, and they replied,

“Conquering France!”

The man hopped the fence as well and the three of them drank and celebrated their victory until the cops came.

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3 Responses to Conquering France

  1. What a great blog! I wanna follow it–am too techno-dumb to know how. I will find out. Wow.

  2. Just figured out how. Duh! Onward!

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